Education is no weight to carry - Helping to educate the orphaned children of Uganda

How BAO works 

None of the money raised for BAO is spent on offices, advertising, wages or travel to Uganda.

Every penny goes straight to the children!

We run an open book policy with our accounting so you can see exactly how the money is being spent. Details are shared with our donors every year in our newsletter.

Currently our only overheads are website hosting, banking transactions to Uganda and the printing/posting costs associated with sending our Newsletters.

This is how BAO works....

Money is raised in the UK via Direct Debits and one off fundraising events.

Money is then transferred to the Nuns in Uganda

The nuns make sure that the children's school fees are paid and that they have a school uniform and basic supplies

A separate fund is set aside in the UK for emergencies such as a child contracting Malaria and any other urgent medical costs.

2015 Finances